Book Reviews

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Bouissac, Paul, Semiotics At The Circus

.                                Circus as Multimodal Discourse: Performance, Meaning and Ritual

Claessen, Wim. Portraits of Contemporary Circus

Coxe, Antony Hippisley, A Seat at the Circus

Family La Bonche, Dinna Forget: Circus Histories from the North-East of England

Hammarstrom, David Lewis, Inside the Changing Circus: a critic’s guide

Hill, J Dee, Freaks & Fire: the underground reinvention of circus

McPherson, Douglas, Circus Mania

Purovaara, Tomi et al, An Introduction to Contemporary Circus

Schodt, Frederik L., Professor Risley and the Imperial Japanese Troupe

Simon, Linda. The Greatest Shows On Earth: A History of the Circus

Speaight, George, A History of the Circus

Tait, Peta & Lavers, Katie (Eds.) The Routledge Circus Studies Reader

Wall, Duncan, The Ordinary Acrobat

Ward, Steve, Beneath The Big Top: a social history of the circus in Britain

Wilson, Thomas JM. Juggling Trajectories: Gandini Juggling 1991-2015

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