The #CircusVoices development scheme is an initiative to build a culture of critical discourse around circus arts, inspired by the Unpack The Arts programme, but focused on introducing critical vocabularies to the circus industry, rather than circus languages to existing arts journalists.

The first residency took place in 2016 during Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and in 2017 a curated group of artists have been brought together to continue the discussions at this year’s festival.

The first set of reviews come after three days of immersion in the festival:

Curtain Twitchen, by Aaron Twitchen

Attached, by Tiger Theatre/Lost In Translation

Ethiopian Dreams, by Circus Abyssinia

Hot Brown Honey

Batacchio, by Cirk La Putyka

Aceléré, by Circolombia

The second set of reviews come after a further three days of shows, discussions and critical exercises:

Sigma, by Gandini Juggling (x2)

Paris De Nuit, by Recirquel (x2)

All Genius All Idiot, by Svalbard

Transit, by Flip FabriQue

Släpstick, by Wereldband

Natalie Verhaegen is also keeping a fascinating blog of her experiences exploring critical response practise here: https://circusreviews.wordpress.com


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